For more than 30 years we have been working in the elastomer production creating special technical articles and cylinder covering for a wide range of industrial sectors.
We study and characterise polymer matrices to give the best technical solutions to our customers. In our client portfolio we have some very prestigious companies which operates in a variety of commodity-related industry. We collaborate with qualified suppliers and external experts.

Veduta aerea Stabilimento Italgum



To satisfy our clients specifications, we design our elastomeric blends using the most advanced researching techniques which give us the tools to realise customised materials.

We have equipped our laboratory with the most sophisticated rheological, thermal, dynamic-mechanical and spectrophotometrical instruments, to study both the single component proprieties and the whole blend made by these components.

Reaching the necessary technical prerequisites is done thanks to the profound knowledge of the contribution and interactions as well as the synergies between the components – with special consideration to the innovative and research raw materials.


We produce the majority of our compounds mainly in-house, using recipes and procedures specifically defined for each elastomeric blend.

We use our blends on the two production lines: the cylinder covering and the moulding process.

We equipped both lines with facilities that allow us to produce various complexity – with special care to the metal to rubber bonding – and dimension -from very few millimetres up to four metre long- items.

Certificazione DoP


Quality certified since the 1992, we have implemented a Quality and Environment management integrated system – in compliance to the ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards-, that allows us to monitor our performances and to satisfy our client and mandatory standard requisites.

We have obtained the product certification by EN1337-3 for the Constancy of Performance (DoP) related to the elastomeric bearings produced with two natural rubber blends: one conductive (NR 60 EN 1337-3 compound), the other dielectric (ITALGUM/NR60/DI compound).

We qualified our four dissipative blends – for seismic elastomeric isolators – in an external Lab, so our clients can certify the items based on the EN-15129 standards.

We have food grade blends and rubber mixes for drinkable water that have been already certified according to the European underway specifications (WRAS, ACS).

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