ITALGUM was founded in Zanè (VI) in 1965 as a gum manufacturing sole trader called “MGM” (Munaretto Gum Manufacture) by Mr Munaretto Luigi.
During the years it develops itself and consolidates its own knowledge regarding the planning and creation of both natural and synthetic elastomeric high technology raw material articles.
In 1985 it acquired its own current structure under the name “ITALGUM s.r.l.” and transferred its operative and legal headquarter to the present location in via Vegri.

In executing its own activities, ITALGUM management is committed to:
– promote/support and maintain a constant focus on the client, respecting the product/service requisites needed to increase the client satisfaction;
– lower its own environmental impact with an active commitment towards the green economy and the fight against pollution in mind.

To get to these goals, ITALGUM management has promoted the development and the implementation of a Quality/Environment Integrated Managing System (SGI) that provides for:
– an accurate analysis of the contest and the involved sections, both from the productive and environmental aspects;
– in-depth analysis and valuation of the environmental impacts which is part of a more general and bigger analysis related to the risk management and opportunities for the most critical company’s processes. This analysis is aimed to the improvement action identification that helps to reduce risks and seize opportunities;
– the identification of all the applicable norms and laws and the systematic and in-depth check related to their compliance which is the company’s unconditional trait.

ITALGUM management believes that the systematic and punctual implementation of its SGI and the identified improvement plan fulfilment, among other things, allow:
– the polluting emission reduction;
– the energy consumption reduction;
– the raw material consumption reduction;
– the wastage production reduction, intended as production waste;
– the production time and cost reduction by improving the final product quality (resulting in delivery time reduction)

ITALGUM management is committed to carry out, maintain and divulge this current Policy among all the involved parts – internal and external – and to promote, within ITALGUM and towards its clients and suppliers, the implementation of behaviours coherent with this current Policy and the ethical code expected by the organisational, managing and control model under the d.lgs.231/2001.